Mega Solace Multimedia is an American public-benefit

company based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, that maintains a global crowdfunding platform outlet that focused on creating music, film, business, and fashion. Mega Solace’s mission is to support creative projects. Mega Solace helps starters(creators) set their project’s funding goal and deadline. If people like the project, they can pledge money to make it happen. If the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal, all supporters’ credit cards are charged when the time expires. If the project falls short of its funding goal, no one is charged. If a project is successfully funded, Mega Solace applies a 2% fee to the funds collected. People who back starters projects are offered tangible rewards or experiences in exchange for their pledges. This model traces its roots to the subscription model of arts patronage, where artists would go directly to their audiences to fund their work.